Uniform Return

Saturday, March 28th 9:00am - Noon.

At the Village Hall wrestling room.



Congratulations to Jake Lindsey on winning 3rd at the State Championships!



The regular wrestling season has come to an end. As a team we have seen a lot of growth and success especially in the younger age groups, and we would like to continue to build on that. While I think it is a good idea for our wrestlers to participate in other sports, I also see the benefits of wresting in the off season. Looking around, you will notice the wrestlers that are generally more successful, participate in  off season programs. Three of our four  senior state qualifiers  do extra work in the Spring, to learn different techniques and work with some different coaches and partners. Click here for more information on the Warriors-Contenders off season program that starts in a few weeks. We will be working on Folk Style, Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling, as well as adding in additional strength and conditioning.